Who Are You? Why Do You Matter, Even?

Amy H. Chiu
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by Amy H. Chiu


An absolutely wonderful documentary.

two illustrated characters on yellow background and dark grey text what is a woman?

If I were to have kids in the future, this is something I’d challenge them to watch after they turn 18.

Why use the word “challenge,” you may ask.

This is because the documentary touches upon rooted questions regarding gender and sexual identities, including individuals’ traumatic experiences and personal stories.

But for independent adults who live in the 21st century, watch this, and you won’t regret it. It generates a response either way. You will nod or get defensive over arguments and think about your beliefs. What is the “truth,” or is that even something we can use safely in a politically correct space? I had to pause several times to think about what was said and two sides to a story.

Be prepared.

Either way, the documentary will make you think about what, why, and how? What did humans do to get to where we are? Are we moving towards a positive, healthy environment? What is even considered good and considered healthy?

Critical thinking is a key skill.

If we are living in a free country, why are we required to use the pronouns others assign us to refer them to? Do we follow it because we fear judgment or don’t care enough? If we disagree with what others perceive as who they are, are we violating a crime? We are taught to express ourselves, and does that mean one can identify and say anything in the name of “this is who I am?”

I enjoy the different perspectives and conversations #mattwalsh brought in, from college professors, female athletes, and educators to medical professionals.

It’s a complicated society, and if we were to come down to the basis, I’d say every individual wants to be seen and loved.

That idea of being “seen” needs validation and approval, but from who and where? Communities. If identifying with a certain gender, object, or animal brings individual happiness, would one say go ahead and do it? Since we were not taught to interfere with another’s ideas and thought, why are we debating over this? Is there a truth or a reality in our definitions?

It’s like in therapy sessions. Psychologists would say our session is confidential unless you plan to harm yourself or others. But what if, what if it’s like what Matt worries about in the documentary, that we are hurting our generation and younger children by placing a new social standard and introducing the genders in multiple, complex dimensions at early ages?

We are on our way to find out, society.

What is a woman? The question caught my attention when I saw the trailer. Something so fundamentally simple, yet individuals across ages and experiences seemed to have a problem answering.

I may not have an answer, but I can tell you this. This is a documentary the world didn’t know it needed, and I’m glad it exists. It brings attention to topics we should care about because humans will learn and, I believe, have the compassion to understand another soul at the end of the day.

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