MidnightO2 Podcast & Reborn Audiobook Journey — Part One

Reborn Audiobook Now Available on Audible

I have a lot to share, from writing a book, recording an audiobook, and hosting two podcasts in English and Mandarin.

Yet, I want to challenge the norm when it comes to my writing.

I was interested in finding out what audience and readers I could attract if I just shared stories. I wanted to know how powerful audio files could be. I practiced speaking and telling stories in front of microphones. I researched recording interface, microphone, editing software, podcast marketing, and everything related to it. The process was frustrating because I prepared everything myself. When I had questions, I did not know who to ask. I called instrument stores and my singer friends, but I often had to figure everything out independently.

Mandarin: Podcast
English: MIDNIGHTO2 Podcast
Reborn Audiobook Narrated & Written by Amy Hsuan Chiu



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Amy Hsuan Chiu 邱璿 (Aeimee)

Storyteller. Writer. Designer. Daughter. Human. Author of REBORN. Podcast Host on MIDNIGHT O2 | https://linktr.ee/ahcpoetry