I Remind Myself With My Own Poetry

Amy H. Chiu
3 min readDec 2, 2019


In my recently published book REBORN, I write about my beliefs, my experiences, my trauma, and my hopes. There are things I deeply believe in and there are words I wish someone would have said to me when I felt like the world turned its back on me.

Things happened. Thinking back, I want me to be the person who could have saved me. I should have been there for myself. I should not have let myself indulge in sadness. I should not have left myself there alone. My poetry reflects the connection from past to present, and from present to future. Maybe someone out there is fighting an inner battle with him/herself that no one knows about. If so, I hope my words become a source of energy they need when in difficult situations.

There are many times I am shocked by my inner voice and am reminded by my inner voice to make the right decisions. Be kind, be patient, be yourself. Everyone has an ideal version of themselves. We often focus too much on others and try to copy the best of others. The “mix and match” process is when we lose who we are and who we can be. There were many years I felt like a lost soul locked in a body. It was when I started writing poetry that I found a way to communicate with myself.

Writing is my way to take time for myself. It is my way to talk to myself. It does not have to be yours. I believe there are thousands of different ways to remind yourself to keep searching and to keep building the “you.” I am not confident with how I turn out to be (as a human being,) but I am glad I started the process of searching.

“The way you smile when you are doing what you love is beautiful. And humans love beautiful things.” — Amy Hsuan Chiu

I’m on my way. What about you?

There are people who left too quickly, buses departed too late, wishes granted too few, and love expressed too little. Time’s all we got.

The thought of looking will push you forward, and the action will follow. When the action happens, the goal is given a chance to achieve.

Hey, this time, be there for yourself.



Amy H. Chiu

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