Endless Love by Ching Chang, 2016
Kent Keong, 2020
Georgia O’Keeffe’s White Iris, 1930
Georgia O’Keeffe’s White Iris from 1930:

How do you use a detailed floral part to convey an abstract idea? Do you believe floral-themed works cannot escape from gender discussion? What is the difference between abstract floral work and a realistic painting of a floral vase?

What does art mean to you? Do you think art education is necessary? How do Taiwanese talk about art? Is there anything we could do to emphasize the meaning of art in society today?

Art Jakarta 2019 in Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Indonesia



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Amy Hsuan Chiu 邱璿 (Aeimee)

Amy Hsuan Chiu 邱璿 (Aeimee)

Storyteller. Writer. Designer. Daughter. Human. Author of REBORN. Podcast Host on MIDNIGHT O2 |