About Time — My Favorite Movie

Photograph: Universal Pictures
The father-son relationship is the most moving element in the movie.

I cannot fix things. I cannot be the savior of all time. I’m just another ordinary person who wants to live an extraordinary life.

There are no “what ifs.” It’s LIFE we are talking about.

I wanted that specific someone to love me back. I wanted myself to love that someone. There are times in my life I wish I could have a different me to take on that different route, and I wonder if things could have been different? Everything complicates itself when it comes to love.

I always tell my readers that it’s about the details in life. Pay attention to the dull, little moments in life because those are what memories are made of. And the collective memories then turn themselves into the life we know of.

After all, this is still my favorite movie, and I know it will always be.

And so, live on.

— — — — —



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Amy Hsuan Chiu 邱璿 (Aeimee)

Amy Hsuan Chiu 邱璿 (Aeimee)

Storyteller. Writer. Designer. Daughter. Human. Author of REBORN. Podcast Host on MIDNIGHT O2 | https://linktr.ee/ahcpoetry