Reading Recommendations for Designers and Editors

As a content developer with a background in Visual Arts and English Literature, I enjoy reading and learning. I believe investing in yourself, especially in education, makes one a more well-rounded world citizen. …

Modern Poet Diary #ahcpoetry

Insta: @ahcpoetry

Reading a good book is like taking a deep dive and swimming in a clamming sea, letting the water travel with your mind. The small waves gently splatter on your back, massaging the nostalgic memories. It is a state in between sublime and human consciousness, mixing…

Reborn Audiobook Now Available on Audible

I have a lot to share, from writing a book, recording an audiobook, and hosting two podcasts in English and Mandarin.

This is everything I’ve ever wanted, I tell myself. No matter how long and difficult the journey this, I must go on.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be writing articles on the lessons I learned from doing podcasts and recording myself.

I first published the paperback and e-book version…


I went to the Art Future at Hotel Grand Hyatt Taipei earlier this month. I quickly learned that all the curated artworks were from different galleries. Each room was a small, independent exhibition. There were some artworks on the bed, at the corner, and on the floor of the unused…

The Year of Mask

What is behind your mask? What are you covering up? What are you hiding? Are you protecting yourself with the mask, or are people hurting you with the mask? Young children, please forgive me because I have no answer for you. …

I published my first book REBORN with New Degree Press this December 2019. It is a book of poetry that explores my personal stories, details in humanity, past regrets, and healing opportunities.

Writing is something that I do every day. I don’t write to improve my writing. I write because…

Amy Hsuan Chiu 邱璿 (Aeimee)

Storyteller. Writer. Designer. Daughter. Human. Author of REBORN. Podcast Host on MIDNIGHT O2 |

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